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Thom Carroll is a commercial, documentary and adventure photographer currently freelancing throughout the United States. Thom just concluded a four-year

North American tour with the Disney Broadway musical, FROZEN,

where he was a photographer and supervisor.


Thom recently spent five years as the sole staff photographer and photo editor at a large digital media website in Philadelphia, where he helped build the website from pre-launch to over seven-million page views each month. Thom has formally studied journalism, photography, art history and education and has shared his knowledge of these subjects while teaching photography for many years at Moore College of Art & Design. 
Thom is largely influenced by simple things in life: kindness, morals, and the occasional smile from a stranger. He strives to maintain a healthy and positive lifestyle through his love of exploring and learning, mountain biking, climbing and nature. He uses photography as a tool to initiate communication, provoke thought, and express a
point of reference

for the experiences he values.


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